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Former PSG superstar believes Lionel Messi should be booed during Paris 2024

Lionel Messi is currently enjoying life along with Inter Miami in the United States of America.

Lionel Messi

In the event that Lionel Messi represents Argentina at the Paris Olympics this summer, supporters are encouraged to jeer the former winger for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Jerome Rothen. The Inter Miami star, according to him, “took the p**s” on the side for two years.

The former football player claimed in an interview with the RMC Sports programme Rothen s’enflamme that Messi never attempted to settle down in Paris. He also said that the winger was consistently demeaning the nation. He continued by saying that PSG made every effort to satisfy the Argentine, but he showed little interest. 

Jerome Rothen said, “We should not forget what he has not given. As a French and a Parisian, seeing him parading with Argentina? Guys, if there is any way to dispute the fact that Messi took the p**s on us for two years, boo him.”

He added, “He said it would be a disaster to live in Paris and that he hasn’t received the welcome he feels he was owed. Nonsense! He was above the Eiffel Tower like Neymar was. Every French folk showed him respect when he arrived. You expect respect in return and it never arrived. When he was given off days, he never experienced Paris to the fullest and his performances never lived up to what we hoped for from him.”

“Lionel Messi can be whistled” : Jerome Rothen

Lionel Messi frequently endured jeers from the supporters while he was a member of the team. Jerome Rothen took the side of the supporters, saying there was no justification for them to remain silent. 

The former PSG superstar said that, “Whether it’s Lionel Messi or another player, he can be whistled. Should we refrain from whistling because it’s Messi? Why? Because his name is Messi? Whether you don’t give a damn or not, whether you’re good or not, whether you’re invested or not, the supporter is there just to open his mouth and applaud? Of course, Lionel Messi can be whistled; he’s a player like any other.”

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