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Former India batter Sachin Tendulkar busts his deepfake advertising video, seeks swift action form authorities

The video not only manipulated Tendulkar’s facial features but also employed technology to replicate his voice

Sachin Tendulkar

In a recent incident, a deep-fake video featuring the legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar promoting a gaming app surfaced on social media. Raising concerns about the misuse of technology for deceptive purposes, the video promotes a gaming app. The video named Skyward Aviator Quest convincingly mimics Tendulkar’s appearance and even includes endorsements for the app’s potential to help users earn money.

Sachin Tendulkar took to social media, discrediting the fake video and urging people to be cautious. In a post on X, he stated, “These videos are fake. It is disturbing to see rampant misuse of technology. Request everyone to report videos, ads, and apps like these in large numbers.” Tendulkar’s response emphasises the need for collective action to combat the spread of misinformation through deepfake content.

The cricketer’s call for reporting such content aligns with the growing challenges posed by deepfake technology on social media platforms. Swift responses and proactive measures from these platforms are crucial to preventing the dissemination of deceptive content.

Rashmika Mandhana has been a victim of fake videos

This incident follows a broader trend of deepfake videos gaining prominence, with Bollywood actress Rashmika Mandanna being another recent victim. The viral spread of AI-generated fake videos raises alarms about the misuse of technology, posing threats not only to public figures but also to the general public. As technology evolves, addressing the challenges posed by deepfakes becomes a collective responsibility to safeguard the authenticity of digital content.

The incident involving Sachin Tendulkar adds to the rising concerns globally about the use of fake videos to spread misinformation. In India, the government has taken steps to address this issue, emphasising the importance of regulating companies involved in monitoring and controlling misleading content on social media.

The video not only manipulated Tendulkar’s facial features but also employed technology to replicate his voice, creating a realistic but fraudulent portrayal. Such instances highlight the need for increased awareness and vigilance to counter the potential harm caused by fake videos.

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