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Fan trolls Lionel Messi, ADIDAS comes up with an epic reply

Lionel Messi is currently playing for Argentina in the UEFA Nations League

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi (Image Credit : Twitter)

Football legends Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have had a huge fan following over the years. Their fan clubs have always engaged in a war of words on which one is better than the other. There have been numerous incidents where the fan clubs have trolled either their rival club or either of these players on social media. Once again, an incident of Ronaldo’s trolling has surfaced on social media.

ADIDAS, the sponsor of Messi, uploaded a video featuring the Argentinian player, possibly on TikTok. It has received more than 72,000 likes, shared by more than 450, saved by more than 1900 users, and more than 1100 people expressed their thoughts in the comment section. One of the comments read ‘I don’t see Cristiano Ronaldo there’. To which, the company replied ‘we don’t either.

The user’s comment received more than 170 replies on the short-video platform.

This is what went down

Talking about the careers of Ronaldo and Messi, they have recently proved a point of them being the legends of the game even in this day and age. In the ongoing UEFA Nations League. The Argentinian scored five goals in a friendly goal against Spain. The was the first time in their career that he scored goals for his national side. On the other hand, the Portuguese became the all-time highest scorer in the game against Switzerland.

In the game, he scored two goals to reach his international tally of 117 goals. He could have had two more if he didn’t miss the scoring opportunities just ahead of the half-time. Talking about the awards, Messi has won three Best Player Awards in World Cup 2014, Copa America 2015, and Copa America 2021. In the 2014 event, he won four Player of the Match awards.

Talking about Ronaldo, he holds the record of scoring against 46 different teams while Messi has scored against 30. Ronaldo has scored 36 goals in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers while Messi has 28 to his name and the former is the top scorer in European championships.


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