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Exclusive! Telly star Ashnoor Kaur bags ‘Tu Chaiye’ film next to Askhay Oberoi

Akshay Oberoi is set to make his comeback in the captivating love story “Tu Chahiye.” The film, starring television personality Ashnoor Kaur, is expected to sweep audiences off their feet with its touching love story.

Ashnoor Kaur & Akshay Oberoi

Akshay Oberoi is poised to return to the big screen, this time in the enthralling love drama “Tu Chahiye.” The film, which stars television superstar, Ashnoor Kaur, is set to knock spectators off their feet with its beautiful love story. Akshay Oberoi, famed for his ability to inhabit a variety of roles flawlessly, takes on the role of a charismatic lover boy, bringing to life a character that is sure to resonate with viewers. From his thrilling portrayal in the acclaimed series “Illegal Series” to his upcoming role as an Air Force pilot in the highly anticipated film “Fighter,” Akshay continuously produces performances that fascinate and interest audiences.

Akshay stated, “I’m excited to do an all-out romantic love story. It’s refreshing to see a love tale being done at a time when there are so few. It’s also been a long time since I’ve made one. I’m really liking the character that was created for me. It’s extremely nuanced, difficult, and has a wide range of colours with a very distinct character arch. He is not your typical romantic hero, which makes it tough and intriguing.”

Ashnoor Kaur & Akshay Oberoi pair up on-screen:

The film’s production is set to begin soon, with the lovely city of Raipur serving as the background for its enthralling plot. Raipur’s gorgeous settings are anticipated to improve the visual experience of “Tu Chahiye,” adding to the film’s overall charm. As fans wait for filming to begin, the amazing cast of Akshay Oberoi, Ashnoor Kaur, and Shoorveer Fame Aadil Khan is preparing to bring “Tu Chahiye” to life, promising a cinematic experience that will tear at the heartstrings and leave a lasting impact.

For the unversed, Ashnoor Kaur has had a spectacular career in the entertainment industry. She began her acting career as a child in TV series. She began her career as a kid performer with Jhansi Ki Rani and went on to appear in other TV series. The actress wowed everyone with her adorable looks and great talents in her plays. Ashnoor has advanced significantly in the industry.

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