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‘Elvish Bhai ke aagey koi bol sakta hai kya’ – Netizens react as Elvish Yadav slaps a man who verbally abused his family

Elvish Yadav

Popular YouTuber and Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvish Yadav is once again drawing criticism from internet users for slapping a man at a Jaipur restaurant on Sunday, February 11. Social media users have been sharing a video of the startling event, in which Elvish is seen fighting ugly with other diners at the restaurant.

It’s unclear what sparked their furious disagreement. A man is shown being smacked by an enraged Elvish in the now-viral video. The YouTuber attempted to argue with the man once more after he retaliated, but his friends quickly escorted him out of the restaurant. Elvish Yadav asserted that this is who he is and defended himself shortly after the video went viral. He clarified that he only slapped the man after he had mistreated him.

Elvish Yadav in a new controversy:

In a video, he said, “Matter ye hai, naa mere ko haath uthane ka shauk hai, naa mujhe shauk hai ladai karne ka. Apne kaam se apne rakhta hu main. Mainly, it’s normal. Even though this picture isn’t very good, it still looks good for an evening shot. Par, jo koi piche se comment pass karta hai, usko nahi bakshte. There were police and commandos with us. It’s not like we did anything improper. This was intimate. I went and slapped him after he made a personal jab at me. I don’t regret anything. ‘Aisa hi hu main.'”

Netizens attacked Bigg Boss winner Elvish and declared that what he did was wrong, even after he gave his version of events and explained why he had slapped the unnamed man. According to a few reports, Elvish slapped the man for asking to take a selfie. But Elvish made it clear in his video that the man had mistreated both his parents and him. Check out the netizen’s reactions below.

Elvish Yadav got involved in a similar controversy earlier in December 2023 when he and his friends visited Mata Vaishno Devi in Katra, Jammu and Kashmir. A reporter in Jammu got into a fight with a friend of Elvish Yadav. The incident was recorded on camera, and people are sharing the video on social media. As soon as the situation got out of hand, Elvish Yadav fled the scene, or perhaps more accurately, he fled. Pradeep Singh was named as the journalist.

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