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Defamation Case filed against MS Dhoni by former business partner

The lawsuit aims to prevent the cricketer from making false allegations against the couple and tarnishing their reputation.

Case filled against Dhoni

The Chennai Super King (CSK) skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni is facing legal issues as his former business partners, Mihir Diwakar and his wife Soumya Das have filed a defamation suit against him. The lawsuit aims to prevent the cricketer from making false allegations against the couple and tarnishing their reputation.

The case is scheduled to be heard in the Delhi High Court, with the initial hearing set for Thursday, January 18. Justice Pratibha Singh will preside over the proceedings and advocates Rishi Awasthi and Smarhar Singh will represent the plaintiff (Mihir and co.) in the matter. It’s important to highlight that Diwakar, along with his wife, and Dhoni had forged a contract in 2017 to operate cricket academies globally, but Dhoni is accused of not honouring the agreement.

Consequently, allegations have arisen that Dhoni and his associates made unfounded statements accusing Diwakar of defrauding the 42-year-old. Diwakar has contested these allegations in the High Court. The plaintiff has informed the court that the media’s dissemination of false accusations has caused damage to his image and reputation. In response to the lawsuit, social media and publishing platforms have been instructed to remove all purportedly false news about Diwakar. This directive was conveyed to the public by Dayanand Sharma, the defendant’s lawyer, during a press conference in early January.

Dhoni had also filed a criminal complaint against Diwakar

During the press conference, the attorney stated that Mahendra Singh Dhoni, his client, was deceived by his former partner Diwakar. Diwakar purportedly continued to operate under the contracted names, such as “MS Dhoni Cricket Academy,” “MS Dhoni Sports Academy,” or “MS Dhoni Sports Complex,” even after the letter of authorization to operate academies under the firm Aarka Sports was revoked by the former India captain.

Simultaneously, the CSK skipper filed a criminal complaint against Diwakar, accusing him of breach of trust, forgery, cheating, using forged documents as genuine, and criminal conspiracy under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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