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IPL 2024

COVID-19 Strikes Indian T20 League 2022: Delhi player tests positive

Delhi team is struck by COVID-19 as a player tests positive. The team has canceled their travel to Pune for their next match in the tournament against Punjab.


The COVID scare has once again struck the Indian T20 League. As per the latest developments, a player from the Delhi team has tested positive for the tests. The team has therefore canceled their scheduled travel to Pune for their next fixture in the tournament. All the members of the squad have undergone quarantine in their rooms and are to be a part of door-to-door COVID tests that will be conducted on Monday (April 18) and Tuesday (April 19).

Delhi’s physio Patrick Farhart earlier contracted the virus and underwent isolation. This time it is a player who has tested positive and these are dark clouds looming over the future of the tournament. Notably, in 2021 BCCI was forced to postpone the tournament and later shift to UAE amidst the COVID crisis.

As has been reported by Cricbuzz the affected player has tested positive on the Rapid Antigen Test and is to undergo further RT- PCR test for confirmation of the result. The other players and squad members will also undergo COVID tests before their travel to Pune for their next encounter. Delhi is scheduled to play Punjab in their next match at the MCA Stadium in Pune on the 20th of April.

BCC rules state that if a team fails to field a playing XI in a fixture owing to the COVID crisis, the same will be postponed. However, if that is not possible the issue will be referred to the ITL Technical Committee for a final decision.

“BCCI, at its discretion, will attempt to reschedule the match for later in the season if a team cannot field a playing XI due to COVID-19. If this is not possible, the issue will be referred to the ITL Technical Committee,”- states the rule. The first leg of the 15th edition of the Indian T20 League has so far gone by pretty smoothly. BCCI will try to avoid any hassle and hence complete the tournament without any more speed breakers


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