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Budget 2024: Throwback to when Suniel Shetty spotlights soaring tomato prices

Sunil Shetty

The budget for the financial year 2024 is slated to be announced on the last working day of February. Retrospection on the time when the well-known actor from the Bollywood film industry, Sunil Shetty, talks about inflation and the effects of inflation on him and the general public. In an interview with Aaj Tak, Sunil Shetty opens up about how the increase in tomato prices affected him post-2023 Budget allocations.

The Budget will be a live broadcast on Door Darshan News and Press Information Bureau’s YouTube channel. Shetty explains how even after being a Bollywood star, the changes in the prices had affected him and his family. He said, “We believe in eating fresh produce so my wife Mana only buys vegetables for a day or two. The price of tomatoes has skyrocketed and it has affected us as well.”

I have always been one for bargaining: Sunil Shetty

The general public was caught by surprise that Sunil Shetty had openly expressed that he was using fewer tomatoes and that the rise in the prices had affected him greatly. “If you look at the prices on these apps, you will be shocked, they’re much cheaper than getting tomatoes from markets. I order from apps because they sell fresh produce. They even tell you where the vegetables were grown and how farmers benefit,” the actor said.

Sunil Shetty further added, “I have always been one for bargaining because I am also a hotelier. But inflation and rising prices affect the quality of food. Even I have no choice but to compromise on taste now.” The renowned superstar will be seen in his upcoming movie Welcome to the Jungle alongside the sequel of Hera Pheri, Hera Pheri 3, which is to be directed by Ahmed Khan and Farhad Shami respectively. The release dates of which are yet to be announced. Prior to this, Sunil Shetty was seen to take the OTT film Operation Fryday, streamed in Zee 5 in the year 2023.

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