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Bobby Deol Birthday Special – From being called a flop alcoholic actor to making the biggest comeback in Bollywood as the deadliest villain of the era

Bobby Deol

Because of his brutal portrayal of Abrar Haque in ‘Animal‘, Bobby Deol has gained a great deal of respect and fan following. The audience feels that Bobby Deol’s 15-minute role has overshadowed every other actor’s performance in the movie. Do you realise, though, that Bobby had his fair share of personal and professional struggles before landing this role?

Today marks the birthday of the ‘villain of the era’. The fans are in celebratory mode as they share fan posts and birthday wishes on social media. The internet is buzzing with pictures and videos of the actor. This proves Bobby Deol has really made the ‘Baap of all comebacks’. In just a few minutes on the big screen, he has turned from a flop actor to a Bollywood superstar. Let’s look into how Bobby made a comeback with his latest blockbuster ‘Animal’.

Decoding the inspiring journey of Bobby Deol:

1. The superstar glory:

Bobby Deol made his feature debut as a child performer in the movie ‘Dharam Veer‘, where he portrayed the younger version of Dharmendra. However, he made a successful solo debut in the 1995 movie Barsaat. Bobby went on to become the country’s leading man after starring in a number of successful films, including ‘Gupt’, ‘Soldier’, ‘Badal’, and ‘Bicchoo’. These films all went on to become iconic.

2. The series of flops:

Following the release of his film ‘Humraaz‘ in 2002, Bobby Deol had a string of unsuccessful roles in films including ‘Jurm’, ‘Tango Charlie’, ‘Chor Machaaye Shor’, ‘Kismat’, ‘Bardaasht’, ‘Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Saathiyon’, and ‘Dost-Friends Forever’. These films not only made him less famous but also called into question his acting abilities, which drove him into the depths of alcoholism.

3. The trigger point:

In one of the interviews, Bobby was asked what drove him. He said, “I used to sit at home until my son asked me, Papa, why don’t you go to work like mummy? You just sit there and watch your mother go to work every day; that turned on a switch in me and made me want to work.”

4. The search for  films:

Bobby claims that things had changed by the time he decided to return. “Earlier, you would get films on your plate, but now things are different,” Bobby says. He then began requesting work from the producers.

5. Struck Gold with OTT:

Bobby Deol experienced a significant metamorphosis and achieved great success with the OTT platform. His work on numerous OTT series and films, including Love Hostel, Class of 83, and Aashram, helped to gradually restore his reputation as a serious actor.

6. Animal:

Bobby Deol performed in films such as ‘Race 3‘ and ‘Housefull 4′, but he didn’t receive much recognition or credit for the part. However, ‘Animal’ by Sandeep Reddy Vanga put the icing on the cake and elevated Lord Bobby to a phenomenon in popular culture. Everything about Bobby’s character, from the beginning to the end of his fight, has become iconic, and fans are adoring his new avatar.

7. What’s next?

Following ‘Animal‘, Bobby Deol is developing three high-profile, mass-market films: ‘Kanguva’, ‘Hari Hara’, ‘Mallu Veera’ and ‘NBK 109’

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