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Bigg Boss 17 – Vicky Jain finally breaks his silence on mother’s bitter words against wife Ankita Lokhande

Bigg Boss 17

During their Bigg Boss 17 participation, Vicky Jain eventually acknowledged that his mother Ranjana Jain’s remarks about Ankita Lokhande were incorrect. Vicky, also known as Vikki, recently stated in an interview with Bollywood Bubble that her feelings for him are the reason behind any responses she gave the media.

Vicky stated in the interview that her son was the source of her emotion. It is the sole appropriate action. However, the words she chose were incorrect. He stated, “We are related to each other’s families, whether they are mine or Ankita’s. We were part of the performance. They could see that we were having problems, but they were unable to communicate with us or comprehend what was going on. Their responses weren’t supposed to come across as they did. However, it transpired because she feels that way about her son. As a result, while some aspects are correct, the words were completely incorrect.”

Vicky Jain gets candid:

Vicky went on to say that once they returned home, half of their issues were resolved.  He added, “It was also because they weren’t able to meet us. Half of the issues had already been resolved by the time we returned. Most issues evaporate when you feel your kids are back at home.”

Vicky’s mother made some startling remarks in interviews with the media following her visit to the Bigg Boss house, and she was ridiculed for them. Ankita’s mother-in-law was criticised on social media by even Ankita’s actor friends, including Rashami Desai. On January 28, Bigg Boss 17 concluded with Munawar Faruqui hoisting the trophy and Abhishek Kumar emerging as the first runner-up.

Prior to Mannara Chopra, Ankita Lokhande, the third runner-up, was eliminated from the show. Arun Mashettey emerged as the season’s fourth runner-up. Vicky Jain, his mother, and his sister-in-law were spotted at the finale night, comforting and standing by Ankita as they left the Big Brother sets.

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