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Bigg Boss 17 – Salman Khan confesses that we will not host from next season?

Salman Khan

Bigg Boss 17 is doing well, with excellent ratings on the TRP charts. The show has surpassed the biggest TV show, Anupamaa. Yesterday’s Weekend Ka Vaar, on the other hand, was full of drama, and host Salman Khan was not in a good mood. We saw Anurag Dobhal complain a few days ago that he wants to leave the show because Salman Khan is constantly bringing in his ‘Bro Sena’. He kept saying he didn’t want to hear that again. Anurag blamed the producers and Salman Khan for tarnishing his image. This upset Salman, and he discussed it with all of the contestants yesterday.

Salman Khan has stated unequivocally that he will only give advice to those who want to hear it and will not speak to anyone else. He also stated that it is his responsibility as a host to guide the contestants so that they get good work after the show. He also stated that due to the inexperience of the contestants, he will not be sharing his thoughts or feedback with anyone who cannot handle it.

Salman Khan’s turned biased:

He also asked the contestants to identify the person who blamed him and the producers. Everyone called out Anurag’s surname. Salman Khan also stated that he does not like to yell at the contestants and that this season he made a conscious decision not to do so. He stated that it had previously occurred and that he had previously stated to the contestants that he would do this and that. The videos have gone viral on social media as well.

The superstar stated that he only appeared aggressive and that the contestants’ mistakes were not displayed. He stated that he does not want to provide any explanations and thus will not provide any advice. Salman also told the contestants that they were nothing to him that everyone was only together for a few days and that we would all be busy in our own worlds soon.

He also stated that the next time he will not express his thoughts on anything that occurs on the show, and that if anyone is digging their own grave, he is uninterested. The actor confessed, “I won’t call you guys stupid people; I’d call you all inexperienced people because my experience is far greater than yours. When I say anything to you, you think I’m giving you gyaan.”

Salman Khan went on to say, “I always use humour in my tone to make you all feel at ease. I have hosted many seasons of Bigg Boss, and I have given joh mujhe dena tha to the show. I’m not sure whether agle saal hota hai or nahi hota hai. It is not my intention to become a tutor to anyone. Kya lagte ho aap mere.” He made it clear that he would be biased and would only speak to contestants who were willing to listen to his explanation.

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