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Bigg Boss 17 – ‘Dekh le bhai Chintu’ – Vicky Jain’s mother Ranjana Jain trolls Samarth Jurel aka Chintu

Bigg Boss 17

Every contestant on Bigg Boss 17 has made headlines, putting the show in the public eye. Surprisingly, Vicky Jain‘s mother received more attention than any of the participants. Ranjana Jain, the mother-in-law of Ankita Lokhande, rose to fame on the internet following her appearance on the show. After making some contentious remarks regarding her daughter-in-law Ankita Lokhande, she rose to prominence as the most talked-about family member in Bigg Boss history.

Her videos are becoming widely popular on social media, and in one of them, she is seen making fun of Samarth Jurel. She stated that Samarth lacks character while endorsing Ankita. He was also referred to as “chote log” by Ranjana during an interview. Social media users are responding to the video that has been making the rounds there. In a social media post, someone said, “Apke bikki ka charitra to humne dekha auntie.”

Ranjana Jain’s dig at Bigg Boss 17 contestant Chintu:

“Her mobile should be made public—she is a very talkative woman,” the second person said. The third one uttered, “Jitna hai, senior ko.” Another said, “I hope to see you soon, aunty Ji.” As stated in the fourth, “tumhare bikki ka to chota Bhai jaisa h bola tha wo to us hisaab se beta h aap ka aisa to na bolee.”

Ranjana Jain, Ankita Lokhande’s mother-in-law, made another controversial remark about the actress during the grand finale. Salman Khan proposed a vow exchange between Lokhande and Ranjana. Ranjana said Ankita should swear never to take part in a show called “jahan parivaar ki izzat mitti mein mil jaae” (where the family’s honour is tarnished) after she had made promises. The actress from Pavitra Rishta replied, “Mumma, I work in this industry. I take pride in it.”

After three months of challenges, fights, switching allegiances, and a tonne of drama, Bigg Boss 17 has finally declared a winner. Just after midnight on Monday, Salman Khan, the host, announced the winner in front of Abhishek Kumar and Munawar Faruqui, the top two finalists. Munawar Faruqui, a stand-up comedian, defeated Abhishek in a hotly contested final.

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