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All you need to know about Orry aka Orhan Awatramani – Occupation, Family, Personal Life, & More


We’ve all seen the videos and photos of Orry, the man who can be found at almost every major Bollywood party (the most recent being Shah Rukh Khan‘s birthday bash). He is also known for his unique phone covers. From Sara Ali Khan to Ananya Panday, Shah Rukh Khan to Nita Ambani, his close association with the A-listers has frequently left everyone guessing about his true identity. When asked what he does in an interview, his response,  became an instant hit in the meme world.

When an interviewer asked him what he does, Orry replied, “I’m sleeping, or I’m at work. I’m working very hard.” The interviewer further asked for details saying “So, are you like a proper 9 to 5 boy?” His response left everyone in splits. Orry said, “No, I meant like I’m working on myself. I’m going to the gym. I go to anti-gravity. I go to CCI gym. I’m doing a lot of self-reflection. Sometimes I do yoga. I get a massage. I’m working but on myself.”

So, coming back to the original question, ‘Who is Orry?’ A Twitter user has solved the mystery for us and revealed many insider details. The popular mystery personality has strong and deep connections to the richest families in India. Moreover, he enjoys partying with some of the most controversial names in the entertainment industry. As per a Twitter user, the following are the real details about the mystery man.

 Orry’s life exposed:

1. Personal Details:

His full name is Orhan Awatramani, and he goes by Orry! Almost all media reports state that his father’s name is Jorj Awatramani, which is incorrect. Suraj Awatramani is his father’s name, and Shahnaz Awatramani is his mother’s name.

2. Econimical status:

The Awatramani family is very wealthy, and they are involved in the liquor, hotel, and real estate industries, so he comes from a very wealthy family.

3. Education:

He was studying in the United States with many other children from India’s wealthiest families.

4. Connections with the elite:

He has been Radhika Merchant’s close friend since 2015. Radhika is now the Ambani family’s bride.

Mithila Pawar’s BFF is Orhan. She is the daughter of Shrinivas Pawar, a powerful member of the Pawar family. He is Ajit Pawar’s brother and works in the agrochemical industry.

He is also Tania Shroff’s close friend. Tania Shroff is Jaydev Shroff’s daughter. Her dad is the owner of United Phosphorus Limited, the world’s fifth-largest Agrochemical company.

Alya Mistry is another name for his best friend. Alya comes from one of India’s wealthiest families, the Shapoorji Pallonji Group. They have an 18.5% stake in Tata Sons.

5. Drugs controversy connection:

Orhan’s story was shared on the Facebook page Humans of Bombay in 2015. In which he claims to have been exposed to drugs. Photos have been discovered of him with Imtiaz Khatri on his Facebook profile. Imtiaz Khatri is the same person who was accused of supplying drugs to Aryan Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput in the Aryan Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput case.

6. Satanic Inspiration:

He is inspired by a cartoon character depicting a satanic cross-dressing lobster villain. Keep in mind that the same people will influence the next generation.

7. Occupation:

As per he is LinkedIn Profile, he works for the Reliance Chairman.

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