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Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha reveals 6 upcoming films as producers!

Ali Fazal

Bollywood power couple Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal founded the vibrant production company Pushing Buttons Studios in March 2021, and it’s already causing waves in the business. Following ‘Girls Will Be Girls,’ the studio’s world premiere at the esteemed Sundance Film Festival last month, they have unveiled an amazing slate of varied projects that highlight their dedication to creativity and avant-garde storytelling.

Building on this success, Pushing Buttons Studios is excited to share their next projects, which demonstrate their commitment to discovering new genres and helping up-and-coming artists. The varied slate consists of a fantasy drama film, a comedy, a satire, an adult animated project, and a documentary.

Richa Chadha said expressing her excitement for the upcoming projects, “We are driven by a passion for storytelling and a commitment to bring fresh, diverse narratives to the forefront. The triumph of ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ during Sundance has strengthened our resolve to persist in pushing artistic frontiers.” The Fukrey actor Ali Fazal went on, “Pushing Buttons Studios is a platform for artists to work together, experiment, and create unforgettable experiences for audiences. It’s more than just a production house. We are thrilled with the wide variety of projects in our pipeline”

Upcoming movies of Ali Fazal & Richa Chadha:

1. Girls Will Be Girls (coming-of-age drama) – A film By Shuchi Talati:

It traces the life of 16-year-old Mira, whose young mother, who never experienced adulthood, interferes with her sultry and rebellious coming of age.

2. Papita (Crime Thriller) – A film By Akash Bhatia:

Porus Bisht, a voyeuristic paparazzi photographer from Mumbai, hopes to go beyond his line of work and establish himself as a reputable photographer. When he witnesses a significant event involving a well-known celebrity, his story takes a different turn that changes his life and career.

3. Doggie Stylez (Adult Animation) – A film by Ashutosh Pathak:

Through the eyes of a society of dogs trying to emulate human values and failing miserably, Doggie Stylez is a lighthearted satire on contemporary humans. Really, how can they succeed when not even humans can?

4. Pinky Promise (Musical Comedy) – Written by Amitosh Nagpal:

Pinky, a spirited dancer, and Goldie, a gifted singer from a rival Bhajan-Mandli, become entangled in a forbidden love in a small Himachal Pradesh hillock town. They defy expectations and go on a joyful musical journey in spite of their rival families, giving rise to a touching modern-day Romeo and Juliet story with a happily-ever-after twist.

5. RiAlity (Documentary) – A film by Rahul Singh Datta:

Ali and Richa cling to each other for the ride of their lives as they navigate the chaos of wedding planning, demanding jobs, and difficult relationships.

6. Miss Palmoliv All Night Cabaret (Fantasy Drama) – A film by Kamal Swaroop:

A cabaret dancer named Miss Palmolive and a revolutionary celibate daku named Bhavani Singh set out on a platonic musical journey through the magical realm of Cinemata, where the government learns that he can only be defeated by a kiss.

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