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AIFF President accused of misappropriation of funds for personal expenses

AIFF president and treasurer have been accused of using federation funds for personal expenses.

Former Andhra Pradesh Football Association president Gopalakrishna Kosaraju has accused AIFF president Kalyan Chaubey of multiple-level corruption. The former has thrown multiple accusations of corruption against Chaubey and Treasurer Ajay Kipa. Gopalkrishna has accused the duo of using federation funds for personal expenses. As reported by News9,  in a communication to all EXCO members, the former Andhra Pradesh Football Association claimed that Chaubey used AIFF credit cards to purchase shoes, while Kipa allegedly spent on spa services, fuel, and hotel bills.

The mail included five bank statements detailing Ajay’s expenses, totaling over Rs 1,24,000 from January to May 2023.“Mr Kalyan, Mr Ajay & Mr Shaji (Prabhakaran, AIFF grneral secretary) availed the privilege of holding the AIFF Credit Cards on their own for the purpose of any emergency spending when on AIFF official travelling, which was the first of its kind in the history of AIFF,” Kosaraju wrote in his mail to EXCO members on Monday.

Kosaraju highlighted the misuse of AIFF credit cards, which were intended for emergency spending during official travels. He questioned the legitimacy of the expenditures, emphasizing that purchases like shoes and spa services were not in line with the intended purpose.

“But why they misused these credit cards for the self purchase of shoes (by Mr Kalyan). Mr Kalyan has all the rights to deny if the statement is not showing this shoe purchase.

“The spending at the spa by Mr Ajay Kipa, fuel spends in the hometown of Mr Ajay, hotel bill payments at Nagpur etc aren’t the AIFF official emergency spends..”

“The executive committee members are requested to stop the misuse of AIFF funds by the treasurer of AIFF immediately. Further requesting you to take up these financial irregularities matter in any other subject in the ExCo meeting tomorrow 30.01.2024,” he concluded.

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