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After 7 years, Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is all set for his Bollywood comeback with a BIG Hindi film!

Atif Aslam

Following the horrific Pulwama attack and escalating tensions a few years ago, India outlawed association with Pakistani musicians. It was reportedly lifted recently. Fans of Pakistani music in India were encouraged by the prospect of their idols working together in India. Furthermore, according to the most recent report, renowned Pakistani singer Atif Aslam will return to Bollywood in roughly seven or eight years. You did indeed read correctly. reports that Atif Aslam is making a comeback to Bollywood. He is in negotiations with Dharmesh and Haresha Sangani for their Bollywood film, which will be produced by Sangani Brothers Motion Pictures. The film is titled ‘Love Story of the Nineties’, or ‘LSO90’s.‘ Adhyayan Suman and Miss Universe Diva Divita Rai are reportedly in the film.

Atif Aslam’s comeback movie revealed:

The Sangani brothers affirmed Atif’s involvement and declared that it is “pure bliss” for the popular Pakistani musician to be making a comeback after a hiatus of seven or eight years. They are overjoyed that Atif Aslam performed their original song in the ‘LSO90s’ movie. Producing and distributing together, the pair say that Atif’s fans will be overjoyed.

It was difficult, according to ‘LSO90’s’ producers, to convince Atif Aslam to work on their Bollywood film starring Adhyayan. The Brothers disclosed that Atif was preoccupied with the film’s plot. They had to reveal every detail about themselves in relation to the film. Also, they said that Atif was so impressed that he prepared to provide the voice in their film. They revealed, “We are proud and happy right now. Atif will perform a tuneful song that aptly corresponds with the title of their film. Love Story of the 90s.  The release year is 2024. The lyrics, music, and visuals all work in unison. Although he only sang one song in the movie, we are thinking of doing another one with him,” 

Indian fans of the Pakistani singer are anticipating his mega comeback. Let us tell you, that Atif Aslam has given multiple hit songs in the Hindi film industry. He was once one of the leading playback singers of Bollywood.

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