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WWE star Edge to fight in a match in his hometown Toronto after 12 years

Edge will be seen going up against Damian Priest after he accepted the challenge

Edge (Source: Twitter)

Edge will be seen exacting revenge on Judgment Day in front of his hometown fans in a few weeks. The WWE star will be seen going up against Damian Priest after he accepted his challenge for a fight on the 22nd August show in Toronto.

On the 8th August “WWE Raw” episode, Damian Priest issued a challenge to the WWE Hall of Famer for a match on the 8/22 show in Toronto.


“Edge hasn’t wrestled on Monday Night Raw in Toronto in what 12 years?” Priest asked. “Well, here it is – I’m officially challenging you to a match. One-on-one, you and me. The Rated-R Superstar vs. The Punishment of the Judgment Day. If you still have a set, let’s end this!”

Edge later appeared on “Raw Talk” to accept the challenge, as seen in the video below.


“I accept your challenge,” Edge began. “Do you have a set to leave your gothic bookends at home and face me one-on-one? When you first started in WWE, who did you call? Who was always there when you called for advice? When I had the idea for Judgment Day, it was a no-brainer – you, myself & Rhea Ripley; let’s do it! You tore it apart.

“You want to try and end my career in my hometown? You wanna test me like that, Priest? There’s going to be a point in the match where you look up and I’m gonna say, ‘son, you don’t know the mistake you made.’ I’ll see you in Toronto, kid.”

This will be Edge’s first match on the Red Brand since his fight against Randy Orton on February 1, 2021. It will also be his first match on television since his match against Seth Rollins on the September 10, 2021 episode of “SmackDown” at Madison Square Garden

According to a report by PWInsider, Edge is advertised for all episodes of “WWE Raw” leading to Clash at the Castle on September 3. Finn Balor vs. Edge is rumoured to take place at the premium live event in Cardiff, Wales.

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