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WWE Raw: Dexter Lumis returns to WWE in a car crash, arrested after trying to storm the ring

Triple-H has replaced Vince McMohan as the executive vice president of WWE.

Dexter Lumis
Dexter Lumis (Source: Instagram)

WWE is known to have some gripping storylines surrounding their wrestlers. Dexter Lumis is one such character whose storyline continues to develop with weird connotations all around. After being released by the WWE citing budget cuts, it seems like the Triple- H-led professional sport has taken an exciting U-turn.

On tonight’s episode of RAW, the mysterious wrestler has made a comeback taking the WWE universe by surprise. The episode showcased the return of The Tortured Artist making a unique entrance to the show. As the camera moved to the parking lot for some interviews, a car crash could be seen in the background. Nikki A.S.H. and Doudrop could be seen in the background near the car crash in this shot.

On the next cut, police could be seen seemingly chasing someone in the parking lot and into the building. The two cuts left viewers confused and excited as to what was going on.

The third shot however clarified what the WWE was up to. In the third shot, policemen were seen taking over the chaos in the crowd near the ring. They seemed to catch one person involved in the chaos and a camera zoom on that very person revealed that it was indeed the NXT star Dexter Lumis.


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Lumis could be seen being taken out by the policemen while he threatened all with his insane stare. The show ended on a big cliffhanger and has left fans excited for what is to come in the next few days.

The dark and twisted character was released in April 2022 due to the budget cuts that WWE needed. Lumis was very popular in Triple H’s black and gold era.

Social media was abuzz with this development as many lauded the leadership of Triple H in making WWE more exciting. Several names have already been brought back from their end. Earlier Vince McMohan had let go of many of the stars in order to balance the book in WWE and bring them out of financial trouble.

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