Virat Kohli's Salary: A Look at the Indian Cricket Captain's Earnings

Virat Kohli: One of the highest-paid cricketers in the world, earning Rs. 15 crore per year from IPL and millions from endorsements.

Fact: In 2022, Kohli was ranked the 10th highest-paid athlete in the world by Forbes.

Kohli's IPL salary increased from Rs. 2 crore in 2012 to Rs. 15 crore in 2023, a 700% increase.

Fact: Kohli's salary is more than 10 times the average salary in India.

Kohli's salary is partly due to his on-field success. He is one of the most successful batsmen in the world

Fact: Kohli has scored more than 8000 runs in ODI cricket, and he is the only batsman to have scored 2000 runs in T20I cricket.

Kohli's salary is also due to his off-field popularity. He is one of the most followed cricketers on social media.

Fact: Kohli is the brand ambassador for several major brands, including Puma, Audi, and MRF Tyres.

Kohli's salary is a reflection of his status as one of the most successful and popular cricketers in the world.

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