5. Impact player rule

Arguably the best rule introduced in the Indian T20 League; the impact player rule will give teams another dimension to their strategy. The rule allows both teams to make one substitution from a listed four by the 14th over of an innings. The maximum number of overseas players among these 15 (11+4) can only be 4.

4. Silent tie-breaker

This rule comes into play when two teams have exhausted their purse while going for a player. If the two teams are tied, both franchises can submit a final closed bid amount from which the higher bid wins.

 3.Accelerated auction

After the first 86 players have been auctioned, all the franchises will have the option to list out all the players that they want from the unsold list and present it. Auction on these players will then take place and other franchises will also have the opportunity to bid.

 2. Increments

The bid amount moves up by a certain increment that is predefined by the Indian Cricket Board. For example, for bids in Rs 1 Crore or lower category, the increments will be of INR 5 lakh.

1.Cap on foreign players

As per the rules of the Indian Cricket Board, the Indian T20 League franchise can only take up a maximum of 30 foreign players into their team. Even if the teams have