5. Glenn McGrath bowled the first-ever maiden of the ITL

The former Australian cricketer was the first player to bowl a maiden in the history of the cash-rich league. He achieved the feat when Delhi locked horns with Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 3rd match of IPL 2008. 

4. Zaheer Khan is the only player to feature in the 1st and the 500th game of the ITL 

Zaheer is the only player to have played 1st and the 500th match of the cash-rich league. The former Indian pacer represented Bangalore when they faced Kolkata in the first game of the ITL. Then in the 500th match of the lucrative T20 tournament, which took place in the 2015 season.

3. The BCCI will earn INR 49 lakh for every ball bowled in the ITL

On diving deep into the numbers, one comes to know that each over will fetch BCCI INR 2.95 crore and every ball bowled in the competition will roughly generate Rs 49 lakhs, which is quite stunning.

2. The ITL committee broadcasted matches live on YouTube in 2010

However, many would be surprised to know that the cash-rich league was also broadcasted on YouTube in 2010. IPL struck a deal with Google, under which all 60 games of the third season were shown with a short delay on YouTube around the world (except the United States of America).

1. Indian T20 League most valuable franchise

As per a Forbes report, the Mumbai franchise is valued at $1.3 billion (as of April 2022). With such an insane brand value, the Mumbai franchise has surpassed six Major League Baseball (MLB) teams, 27 National Hockey League (NHL) teams, and every Major League Soccer (MLS) team, in terms of valuation.