3.Jose Mourinho and Lionel Messi’s first encounter

Jose Mourinho and Lionel Messi first met in a Champions League match between Chelsea and Barcelona in 2006. In the match, Messi was blamed for Asier del Horno’s dismissal just eight minutes before halftime. A furious Mourinho didn't hold back and questioned Messi's ethics and called him out for acting.

2.Spitting at Duda

The Argentine struggled at the Rosaleda Stadium, where Malaga players meticulously man-marked him in torrential rain. He encountered Duda several times before finally snapping and spitting on him towards the end. It all happened in a La Liga game in 2008.

3.Messi accused CONMEBOL of corruption after red card

In the 2018 Copa America, Messi got into an argument with Gary Medal. It happened after the ball was kicked behind for a goal. Things got heated between the two before the referee dismissed them. Messi later stunned reporters by openly accusing CONMEBOL of corruption.