5. Number of Major Titles (3 vs 0)

MS Dhoni has captained India to 3 major titles such as the 20-20 World Cup in 2007, ODI World Cup in 2011 and the Champions Trophy in 2013. Kohli however has failed to win even one major trophy, a feat that he looks unlikely to achieve now that he’s not the captain.

4. Number of Sixes (229 vs 125)

The wicket-keeper batter has played 350 matches in ODI and has hit 229 sixes in those. Kohli on the other hand has played 262 matches and has just hit 125 sixes.

3. Fewest Ducks in Career (1 vs 4)

MS Dhoni has just 1 duck in his 98-match T20I career. Kohli on the other hand has 4 which makes it impossible for him to break Dhoni’s record.

2. Most matches as captain (332 vs 213)

MS Dhoni has captained India in 332 ODI matches in his career. In comparison, Virat Kohli only did it in 213 ODI matches before he was replaced with Rohit Sharma.

1. Most losses as Test captain (18 vs 17)

Although not in Dhoni’s favour, it is still a record that would be incredibly difficult to break for Kohli. Dhoni captained India in 60 Test matches of which he lost 18 which is the most by any Indian captain. Kohli meanwhile captained India 74 times in Test and lost 17 times, one short of Dhoni’s record.