5 Unexpected moments that took place in the auction 640

1.Chennai going for Ben Stokes

Chennai entered the bid for Stokes which was certainly unexpected as they only had around 20 Crores left in the purse. However, the MS Dhoni-led side managed to buy the all-rounder for an amount of INR 16.25 crores.

2. Uncapped Vivrant Sharma getting sold at 2.6 Crores

The J&K all-rounder Vivrant Sharma, whose base price was 20 Lakhs, was ultimately sold at a whopping price of 2.6 Crores. Kolkata and Hyderabad were in the race which resulted in the player fetching him a big amount from Hyderabad.

3.Rajasthan playing a game against hyderabad, despite less purse

Hyderabad and Rajasthan jumped into the bidding war for Harry Brook and bought him for INR 13.25 crores. Interestingly, Rajasthan who had INR 13.2 crore in the bank was ready to give everything to the cricketer.

4.Delhi  and Lucknow going all-out for Nicholas 

Chennai and Rajasthan jumped on the bandwagon to secure the services of Pooran in the auction. Later, Delhi and Lucknow joined. In the end, it was Lucknow , who purchased Pooran for a whopping amount of INR 16 Crores.

5.Joe Root gets a maiden ITL contract from RR

Joe Root went unsold in the first round of the auction. However, the final accelerated round gave a new lease of life to Root’s entry into the IPL as he was sold to Rajasthan at a base price of INR 1 Crore