5. Sheldon Cottrell's salute sendoff

Sheldon Cottrell has his own unique way of celebrating his wicket. He does a military-style salute and send the dismissed batter back to the pavilion.

4. Dwayne Bravo's 'Champion' dance

Dwayne Bravo has coined his own celebratory dance fondly known as the ‘Champion’ which the fans have seen him perform when he picks up a wicket or takes a catch.

3. Virat Kohli sticking his tongue out

Virat Kohli is known to be quite animated on the cricket field. In the game against Bangladesh at the 2017 champions Trophy, he gave Mustafizur Rahim an animated send off by sticking his tongue out after taking his catch.

2. Sreesanth dancing in the middle of the pitch

In a Test match against South Africa in 2007, Sreesanth danced in the middle of the pitch after hitting a six off Andre Nel’s delivery to mock the bowler.

1. Bangladesh team's 'Nagin' dance

Bangladesh cricketers do a celebratory snake dance, raising their hands above their hands like a hooded cobra to take a jibe at the opposition.