5 Interesting and Unknown Facts on India vs Pakistan Rivalries in Cricket

5. A deliberate run-out

Waqar Younis wanted to be run out to prevent Anil Kumble's historic 10th wicket in 1999

4. Viewership record

During the 2011 World Cup match between India and Pakistan, it remains the second-most watched cricket game in history, with 495 million viewer

3. Three players that have played for both teams

3 players who have played for both teams are Gul Mohammad and Abdul Kardar, as well as Amir Elahi

2. Foundation of the rivalry

India played their first ODI against Pakistan on October 1 in 1978 

1. Inzamam beats a   spectator with bat

The incident took place during a match between Pakistan and India in the Sahara Cup in 1997 in Toronto, Canada

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