The Hyderabad team entered the December 23 auction with the largest remaining purse value. Now, with Kane Williamson no longer a part of the side, the franchise could have signed Babar Azam and appoint him as the new leader of the side.

 1. Hyderabad

Babar Azam could have been a part of the Gujarat team’s core in the next edition. He could also have served as their opener in the tournament, which would have filled in a major void for the team led by all-rounder Hardik Pandya.

 2. Gujarat

Kolkata don’t have a strong opening option on the team, and their batting lineup is not very deep. Babar Azam could have been a great addition. He has the right temperament required for an opening batter, and he could have been a match-winner for the two-time champions.

 3. Kolkata