3.Overlooking conclusive evidence

The third umpire was consulted regarding a caught-behind appeal. Despite the proof, TV umpire Krishnamachari Srinivasan indicated that Devdutt Paddikal was not out. KL Rahul had previously chosen to request a review of the on-field umpire’s judgement which was later described as “unforgivable” 

2.Front foot no-ball controversy

Bangalore had to get a total of 188 in a chase against the Mumbai team. Despite vice-captain AB de Villiers’ heroic 70*(41), they were outscored by six runs. However, a significant error had been discovered, The cameras revealed that Malinga had bowled a no-ball after the game’s final ball was bowled.

1.No ball reversed

Chennai needed 8 runs in the final 3 balls of Ben Stokes‘ final over. Ulhase Gandhe, the on-field umpire, signalled a no-ball after Jadeja scored two runs, further escalating the situation. However, the decision was reversed, eliminating the extra run and the free-hit, which caused a great deal of confusion