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Watch: Ugly scenes at Nice vs Cologne match, a fan falls off the second tier stand

FC Cologne fans have a history of violence. Their game against Arsenal in 2017 was marred with similar crowd trouble.

FC Cologne

Sport is meant to bring people together, often enough it also becomes a tool for devising forces to spread their wings. One such moment was caught on camera when French football team OGC Nice met with the German club FC Cologne in the Europa Conference League on 8th September.

15,000 FC Koln (Cologne) fans had travelled to the French city Nice for their UEFA Europa Conference League clash. They would have hoped for a good game of football and relaxing sightseeing in the city. The reality however brought something else as both set of fans clashed prior to the match and caused the game to be delayed by one hour.

Here’s the video of fan trouble: 

Many videos of the chaos have surfaced online, following the game, with all showing fans throwing flares at each other from their respective stands. The video shows masked thugs fighting in the stadium and throwing firecrackers at each other. The game was officially delayed by an hour ‘due to crowd disturbance’ after the footage of the clash made its way onto social media.

“Unfortunately the start of the game is delayed due to violent clashes between… both fan groups in the stadium and the stands. We are looking into the background,’ the German club FC Koln said in a club statement.

Koln captain Jonas Hector has to come out and speak to the away fans through a PA system in hopes of stopping the fight

‘We really want to play the game with you. We also want that game to take place. But we have to say that we do not like to see this. We worked damn hard last year and in the playoff. And we would very much like to do this with you and we ask you to keep calm and support us as much as possible, “he said.

The game did eventually play out ending with a 1-1 draw but the damage had already been done. Many fans on both sides were reported to be injured. One fan was also seen falling from the second tier and was seriously injured.

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