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Watch: Neeraj Chopra trains in ninja-style, video goes viral

Neeraj Chopra missed the Commonwealth Games 2022 due to injury

Neeraj Chopra
Neeraj Chopra (Image Credit: Twitter/Neeraj Chopra)

Neeraj Chopra recently missed the Commonwealth Games 2022 due to an injury. This injury was sustained during the World Athletics Championship final where he won Silver. Of late, he has been focusing on recovering so that he can get back to the field. The Tokyo Olympic Gold medalist has uploaded a video in which he was trying to climb a pole. Notably, the pole was standing at the right angle.

The video has gone viral on social media as it has gotten 91,000 likes and more. At the time of writing, the video is close to touching one million views as 994,000 people have already watched it. In the video, the 23-year-old is seen powering his way up a diagonal pole before retracing his path back down.

Watch the video here


In the meanwhile, the Athletic Federation of India (AFI) president Sumariwalla has stated that the star Javelin thrower is still recovering from the injury. He added that the ongoing season is pretty much done for Neeraj Chopra. The AFI president further added that Chopra will return from Germany after recovering from injury.

“Neeraj is still recovering from injury and that’s why we don’t want to risk him anymore for the rest of the season,” AFI president Adille Sumariwalla told on Friday. “The season is pretty much done for him and he will be back to India from Germany soon after he recovers from his injury.”

This means that the World Athletics Championship 2022 silver medalist will miss the upcoming Lausanne Diamond League (Athletissima), which was slated on 26 August, and subsequently the Diamond League Grand Final in Zurich on 7-8 September. AFI has always taken a precautionary route when it involves Neeraj’s return from injury.  In 2019, the national record holder was eager to compete in the World Championships after elbow surgery but the federation’s senior officials talked him out of it. This year, before getting injured, he was having a great time on the field.

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