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Asia Cup 2022

Watch- Journalist scolds Indian fan for abusing Arshdeep Singh after Sri Lanka game

Arshdeep Singh has been receiving a lot of abuse for a dropped catch against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2022.

Arshdeep Singh

Playing for the Indian cricket team is a dream for millions of people. It is one such honourable opportunity that many are ready to die for. It also however comes with a lot of pressure, something that Arshdeep Singh found out in the first Super Four match against Pakistan in the Asia Cup 2022.

Fielding at short third in the 18th over of the second innings, the young bowler dropped an easy catch of Asif Ali who was taking the match away from India. In what was a total brain fade from the left-arm pacer, he failed to hold onto an easy catch and hopefully take India to a strong position.

India lost that match and what followed was deplorable behaviour from a small section of Indian cricket fans on the internet. Singh was the subject of abuse and name-calling on social media after the dropped catch and was made the scapegoat for India’s loss.

It seems like the abuse has continued even after the Sri Lanka match as can be seen in the below video. While boarding the team bus after the disappointing loss to Sri Lanka, a spectator could be seen making snide remarks at the 23-year-old.

Arshdeep Singh angered at the words stopped while boarding the bus and stared down the person before heading back into the vehicle.

Here’s the video:

Visibly happy with his woeful behaviour, the person was caught with a sheepish smile. It was then that journalist Vimal Kumar gave him a proper dressing down for his awful behaviour. He eventually apologised and was then moved by the security person out of the way for making way for the team bus carrying Arshdeep Singh and others.

Rohit Sharma is happy with Arshdeep Singh’s performance

The young bowler had to endure a lot of abuse following the drop catch against Pakistan. Rohit Sharma came in support of the pacer and said, “Honestly, the guys do not look at social media that much. Too much crap is happening there when we lose games here and there, a drop here and there.”

“Yes, he himself was disappointed, but then again if you saw his confidence in the final over [in the Pakistan game], he nailed the yorker well and he got Ali [Asif] out [eventually]. If he was not mentally there, the execution would not have happened, but in his case, he ran to his place and took the ball, adding the Indian Team captain.

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