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Watch: Batter hilariously forgets to wear his pads as he walks out to bat

In a village game from UK , a batsman forgot to wear pads as he walked out to bat.

Cricket is unarguably one of the most intensely competed sports that’s out there. Both the oppositions engage in a fierce battle on the field with none of the teams willing to give an inch to each other. In between these intense battles, many times we get to see a few light-hearted moments on the pitch as well that keep the crowd engaged in the game. It’s these moments that keep the crowd entertained amid some ‘not so happening’ phases in the match.

One such incident has come to light from a village game in the UK where a batsman forgot to wear pads as he walked out to bat. In the video that has now gone viral on various social media platforms, the batter can be seen walking out to the pitch as he prepares to take his guard. The batsman seems fairly confident and looks set for a big inning as he’s about to get ready to face his first ball. At that very moment, the batter is reminded by the wicketkeeper that he’s not wearing his pads.

He doesn’t pay much heed to his words at first and takes it up as ‘sledging’ and only after the wicketkeeper repeats his words that the batter looks down on his knees to find that he’s actually walked to the middle without his pads. The entire incident leaves the non-striker, umpire and the opposition player in splits as the batter immediately rushes back to the pavilion to wear his pads.

Here’s the video:


Have you ever seen anything like this? We bet you didn’t. It’s these funny moments that attract a wider audience to the game. We’ve seen many rib-tickling incidents in international and franchise-level cricket as well. Funny mis-fields, drop catches, players’ dance moves or their unique celebrations are all a part of this beautiful game.

Let’s hope that cricket will continue to entertain us like this but let’s also pray that any other batter will never forget to wear his pads as he walks out to the bat, especially in International cricket.

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