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Watch: Astrid Wett’s awkward attempt to kiss KSI during her boxing weigh in, video goes viral

Wett, 22, is set to fight fellow social media star Keeley Colbran tomorrow at the Utilita Arena.

Astrid Wett, KSI

ONLYFANS star Astrid Wett attempted to kiss KSI during her boxing weigh-in and was awkwardly evaded by him. Wett, 22, is set to fight fellow social media star Keeley Colbran tomorrow at the Utilita Arena in Sheffield and before the bout, the pair clashed at their weigh-in.

Keeley, 18, is famous for her TikTok videos rising to fame alongside her dad Simple Simon. The model said during a heated exchange that her rival’s father Simon: “Wanted me to be your stepmum.”

Keeley accused Wett of having a boyfriend anyway shouting, “I bet no one knew that, I bet no one knew that.” Wett swiftly responded: “Do you think if I had a boyfriend I would do this?” Then she dived in to kiss the Youtuber turned boxer but he quickly leaned back to dodge her lips. Keeley began giggling in her face as KSI said “no, no, no” before bursting into his laughter.

Afterwards, she commented on the incident, saying: “It broke my heart but I understand, it’s ok. I mean he’s a good-looking man, if I had the opportunity, why wouldn’t you?”

Watch the video here:

Fans on social media reacted, one tweeting: “Astrid Wett getting pied by KSI live on stage. Inject it ten times over. Another said: “Astrid would do anything to get attention.”

Many online criticised her behaviour, claiming double standards and that she was making the event look an embarrassment. Both have said the bout is personal due to them previously appearing in TikTok videos together and with the tension surrounding Simple Simon.

They will go head-to-head on the undercard at the Misfits boxing event where a host of internet celebs will battle it out. Wett has been wanting to get in the ring for some time – a fight was planned versus OnlyFans rival Elle Brooke but Wett pulled out due to fears for her safety.

At their face-off, Brooke brought a coffin on stage with an inflatable doll wearing a Chelsea shirt and a printout of her competitor’s face but Wett deemed that this took the conflict too far. Astrid Wett boasts an Instagram following of 247,000.

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