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‘Was scared to death’- Diego Costa on shooting unveiling-video with a pack of Wolves

Diego Costa was without a club for more than a year.

Diego Costa

Former Chelsea striker Diego Costa has been signed by the Wolverhampton Wanderers team in the English Premier League. Brazil forward has been brought in as a free agent as he wasn’t playing for any club following his end of the contract at Atletico Mineiro in 2021. 

Costa has had a successful stint at Chelsea where he bagged 52 goals in 89 matches. In three years with the London club, he won two Premier Leagues, and one Football League Cup and was inducted into the PFA Team of the Year for the 2014-15 season. 

At Chelsea, the striker was known as ‘The Beast’ and was seen as one of the strongest players of his time. Wolves needed an imposing striker and hence Costa came up as an ideal choice for the English team. 

His unveiling was going to have aggressive undertones given his approach to football and it did not disappoint. Wolves unveiled the Brazilian strikers in a video that featured actual wolves!

Here’s the video:

The 33-year-old has now revealed that he was truly terrified while shooting the unveiling video with snarling wolves. 

“I was scared to death. Holding that chain I kept thinking, ‘What if this wolf thinks about jumping on top of me?’ and then the three of them did,” Costa said in an interview with the club. “Because the lady training them kept calling them, asked them to move around a little… the wolves didn’t do a single thing. I thought, ‘If they’re not doing anything with the trainer, if they come…When they came and smelled my foot, I knew I was done for, “said Costa. 

“I was a little scared then. Those were wolves, not dogs. It was a cool experience but not a very comfortable one. I have five dogs, but they’re not wolves!” Costa said he would need some time to get back into shape having been without a club since January but relished the challenge of returning to England’s top flight.”

I know that I can do it- Diego Costa

“On a physical and psychological level, I will need two to three weeks to get back in shape but that’s normal since I haven’t done much for a while but I know that I can do it,” Diego Costa said.

The Brazilian striker looks forward to the challenge, as he said, “If I ever doubted my potential… I wouldn’t have accepted this challenge because I have a team to care for and if I said yes to this, it’s because I think that I can bring something to the table.”

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