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Virat Kohli and Kevin Pietersen lend support to Cristiano Ronaldo after disappointing end to Manchester United stint

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently focused on the FIFA World Cup 2022.

Virat Kohli Kevin Pietersen Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s second stint at Manchester United has come to a disappointing end for all the parties involved. The English club decided to terminate Ronaldo’s contract on Tuesday, November 22nd. 

The move came as a result of Ronaldo’s explosive interview with Pier Morgan in which he had criticised the Manchester United board, coaches and entirety of the club structure. The Portuguese said that he felt ‘betrayed’ by the club after Red Devils chiefs mistreated him when he was going through personal turmoil. 

Following Ronaldo’s exit from Manchester United, many ex and current players have come out in support of the 37-year-old. Kevin Pietersen, former England cricketer has also lent his support to the Portuguese player and has shown disappointment for his mistreatment by the club. 

 “If what he said is true about them not believing what’s been happening with this family, I can’t say whether it’s true or not, he says it is true, that’s almost unforgivable,” said Pietersen while speaking to Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan. Pietersen appeared to understand what Ronaldo must have been going through and attested to Ronaldo’s anger to him being a human. 

 “He is a human at the end of the day, yes he’s super famous, yes he’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars, he’s achieved it because he’s amazing at what he does,” the South Africa-born cricketer added.

After Pietersen posted the clip on his Instagram, Indian cricketing icon Virat Kohli was among the first few to like the post which can be assumed that even the 34-year-old has lent his support to Ronaldo.

World Cup, the focus for Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo is currently readying himself for Portugal’s first match at the FIFA World Cup 2022. The European team will play against Africa’s Ghana on November 24th at Stadium 974. Many believe this World Cup to be the last one for Ronaldo and hence the final chance for him at footballing glory. Argentina’s Lionel Messi is also playing his last World Cup and was given a scare as Argentina lost their first match to minnows Saudi Arabia in their very first match. 

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