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Usain Bolt to trademark his iconic victory posture in the United States: Reports

The Atheletics legend Usain Bolt said in the application that he wants to use the posture at restaurants, sports bars and filing shows.

Usain Bolt in his iconic pose

Usain Bolt is considered to be one of the greatest, if not the greatest athlete in history ever. After producing records after records in his thundering career, Bolt retired from athletics in 2017 after World Championships in London. The Jamaican is more famous for the pose that he does after winning a medal. He leans back and gestures his hand towards the sky. The legend has now applied to trademark the posture in the United States.

It has been reported that the legend applied for the trademark of his posture on August 17. “The silhouette of a man in a distinctive pose, with one arm bent and pointing to the head, and the other arm raised and pointing upward,” the application read. The report further added that he wanted to use the posture on jewellery, clothing and shoes. He further wanted to use the posture at restaurants, filing shows and sports bars.

Although Bolt failed to win gold in his second last race, he still holds the world records in 100m and 200m. These records keep him in the world arena and is still the fastest man in the world. The Jamaican opined earlier that it was too late for him to reconsider returning to running when asked about it.

When I told my coach I was going to retire he sat me down – Usain Bolt

He said that it must have been for the Olympics(2021) and admitted his indecisiveness. Bolt drew light on his coach’s advice and how he convinced him to retire fully without opting for comebacks when he decides to call it a time.

“It’s too late. If I was going to come back it would have been to be for this Olympics(2021). When I told my coach I was going to retire he sat me down and said ‘when you retire that’s it. I’m not doing any comeback tours, nothing. So make sure you are ready to retire,” he was quoted as saying.

The Jamaican added that he follows the advice of his coach. He added that if his coach doesn’t want him to return, he won’t return either. “I remember I went to him in 2019 and said ‘what do you think about coming back for the Olympics?’ And he looked at me and said ‘don’t even start’. So if it’s not my coach, I’m not going to do it, because I believe in him and if he says no, it’s no – but I’ve got that itch though,” the Jamaican star further added,” he said further.


  • Usain Bolt in his iconic pose
  • Usain Bolt in his iconic pose
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