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Top 10 most embarrassing moments for wrestlers in WWE

The WWE was founded way back in 1953 in Massachusetts, USA.

WWE embarrassing moments
WWE (Source: Twitter)

WWE is known to produce some extraordinary moments from time to time. It is one sport that does shock moments well. In doing that, however, there are times when the whole thing becomes embarrassing for partakers and also the viewers. The WWE often creates engaging plots and characters to be played by the wrestlers, sometimes however it doesn’t go to plan and the whole thing comes out as embarrassing and awkward.

Let’s look at 10 of the most embarrassing moments for WWE Wrestlers in the history of the sport.

10. SummmerFest

WWE Embarrassing moments

WWE Embarrassing moments (Image source: Twitter)

A few years ago RAW came up with a celebrity guest host segment in which celebrities wrestled with the WWE wrestlers and also defeated them.

It was however not very exciting to watch as the celebrities clearly did not have any training in wrestling and it showed. The show was at its lowest however when Ari Gold actor Jeremy Piven came to the show.

He wanted to tell The Miz that he would be banned from the upcoming SummerSlam but what he said was he could be banned from “the SummerFest” making wrestlers and viewers cringe in unison.

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