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Asia Cup 2022

‘Shameful’- Harbhajan Singh draws flak for laughing when Shahid Afridi claims ‘no one in Team India likes Gambhir’

Harbhajan Singh is also getting flak for not defending his teammate.

Gautam Gambhir Shahid Afridi Harbhajan Singh

Cricket is a funny game. The fans are so passionate about the game that a cricketer could go from hero to zero in a matter of seconds if he doesn’t walk a fine line. Many cricketers have learnt to understand this and often toe the line in order to be in the good books of the fans. Shahid Afridi is one such cricketer who understands what Pakistan fans want to hear and often says stuff that doesn’t go well with Indian fans. Giving controversial statements often keeps former Pakistan all-rounder in limelight.

In a similar instance, Afridi spoke something about former Indian batter Gautam Gambhir which is generating a lot of buzz on the internet. The video clip is from a show where Indian and Pakistan news channels had collaborated ahead of the India- Pakistan cricket match in the Asia Cup.

While talking about the controversy on social media, Afridi said, “I don’t have any fight as such with any Indian player. Gautam (Gambhir) and I have clashed on social media sometimes. I would say that Gautam is such a character that even the Indian players don’t like him. My overall experience of playing against India has been great.”

Afridi’s comments and Harbhajan’s reactions of approval on it have not gone down well with social media users. Fans on Twitter are calling out the former Indian spinner for laughing when Afridi disrespects a fellow cricketer and an MP of the country.

Notably, Afridi and Gambhir had an on-field altercation in India- Pakistan ODI match in 2007. Since then they haven’t seen eye to eye and often see each other with animosity. Afridi, however, has stirred the pot once again in a tussle that was being forgotten about as Gambhir has shifted his focus on politics.

Twitter was outraged by Afridi’s comments on Gambhir and also lashed out at Harbhajan for not reacting to a colleague’s disrespect.

Let’s look at how Twitter reacted to Afridi’s controversial statement on Gautam Gambhir.


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