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‘Sex is life’ – Sergio Ramos’ wife reveals big secret about the couples’ sex life

Pilar Rubio insisted on the fact they had four kids which had no impact on their sex life.

Sergio Ramos

Spanish model and TV presenter Pilar Rubio has revealed she has sex “every day” with her footballer husband Sergio Ramos. The 44-year-old mother-of-four made the intimate confession during a TV interview in which she also revealed her bank balance.

Asked by presenter David Broncano how often she had sex with her husband in the last 30 days, she replied, “We do it every day, except for the days when I am in Madrid. Today for instance, thanks to you, I can’t.”

Reacting to her confession, the shocked host of the chat show La Resistencia said that they were like the Avengers superheroes having sex so often with four youngsters in the house. Rubio added, “My children are in bed at 9.30 pm. Sex is life.” She insisted on the fact they had four kids which had no impact on their sex life.

I have just €52,000 (£46k) in the bank: Pilar Rubio

In her tell-all interview Rubio, who has commuted between Paris and Madrid since her husband signed for PSG in July last year as a free agent, also claimed she had just €52,000 (£46k) in the bank.

Rubio has more than eight million Instagram followers and a net worth estimated at nearly £10million.“I’m always a bit confused because of working in Spain and living in France but in the bank there’s €52,000,” she revealed.

Seeing the admission was causing as much shock as her confession about sex with Sergio Ramos, she added: “I’m talking about the current account which is the one I saw.”

The former Real Madrid defender and his wife, whose four children are all boys, married in June 2019 at Seville Cathedral seven years after they started dating. They announced they were tying the knot on a TV show star Pilar stars in.

The oldest of their children, also called Sergio, celebrated his eighth birthday in May and the youngest, Maximo Adriano, turned two in July.

In a recent interview with Spanish magazine Diez Minutos which coincided with their 10 years of romance, Pilar said: “It’s as if we had met each other yesterday. We spoke about it on our anniversary. It’s very nice.”

Ramos is reportedly due to fly to Madrid on Wednesday with Paris Saint-Germain teammates including Kylian Mbappe to watch a bullfight at the Spanish capital’s famous Las Ventas bullring.

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