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FIFA World Cup 2022

Seven times countries have been barred from participating in the FIFA World Cup

Seven countries that have been barred from competing in FIFA World Cup.

South Africa-Myanmar
South Africa-Myanmar (Image Source: Twitter)

Following Ecuador’s qualification for the 2022 World Cup, the Chilean Football Association filed an official complaint with FIFA in April, alleging that Byron Castillo used a forged birth certificate and was an illegal immigrant. According to the Chilean FA, Castillo was born in Colombia in 1995, rather than Ecuador in 1998, as stated in his documents.

According to the Daily Mail, a report has been published that proves Castillo was indeed Colombian. As a result, Ecuador may be barred from competing in the World Cup, which begins in November. With Ecuador set to exit the tournament early, we take a look back at seven other countries that have been barred from competing in football’s most prestigious tournament.

Germany and Japan- 1950 World Cup


Germany-Japan (Image Source: Twitter)

Following the cancellation of the World Cup in 1942 and 1946 due to World War II, the tournament returned in 1950. However, due to the outcome of World War II, Germany and Japan were not permitted to participate.

Uruguay won, with Brazil coming in second, Sweden third, and Spain fourth.

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