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‘Screenshot ke saath aaye ho, maza bharpoor aaega’- Venkatesh Prasad calls Aakash Chopra ‘vile’ after digging latter’s 11-year-old tweet

Former India cricketers, Venkatesh Prasad, and Aakash Chopra have been having a heated debate over KL Rahul.

Aakash Chopra, Venkatesh Chopra, KL Rahul
Aakash Chopra, Venkatesh Chopra, KL Rahul (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former India cricketers, Venkatesh Prasad, and Aakash Chopra are having a tremendous fight over KL Rahul’s inclusion in the Indian Test team. It all started a few days ago when Prasad started pointing out why Rahul shouldn’t be in the team. On the other hand, Chopra has been supporting Rahul’s inclusion in the team for various reasons. Meanwhile, the debate had turned into a battle ground after Chopra’s recent video.

He said “He (Prasad) didn’t even write about Shubman’s home numbers. Because you are showing averages, he has played 11 innings at home in which his average is 26.3. I am saying that you shouldn’t judge Shubman Gill with averages. He is a damn good player. He is a better player than that but use the same yardstick for the others. He has shown 14 overseas innings in which he has an average of 37, in which he has conveniently not spoken about SENA countries. If we see only SENA, his numbers will also not be that good. His away numbers are looking good because of Bangladesh,” Chopra said on his YouTube channel.

Venkatesh Prasad digs out Aakash Chopra’s old tweet and calls him vile

In reply, the former India pacer, Prasad dug out an 11-year-old tweet of Chopra. In the tweet, Chopra had called out Rohit Sharma’s inclusion in a game in late 2012

“So my friend Aakash Chopra after making a vile video on YouTube this morning where he calls me an agenda peddler, conveniently and cleverly misquotes me, removes Mayank’s average of 70 at home, wants to gag views which are not in line with what he believes but wanted Rohit out. I have no agenda against any player, maybe there are others who have. Difference of opinion is fine but calling contrary views as apna personal agenda and Twitter par mat laayein, [it] is funny for Aakash, considering he has made a great career by airing his views,” Prasad tweeted.

This is how Twitter reacted


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