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Asia Cup 2022

‘Rohit Sharma is probably sick watching himself on TV’- Wasim Akram fumes at question about India ahead of Afghanistan- Pakistan match

Pakistan defeated Afghanistan to advance into the final of the Asia Cup 2022.

Wasim Akram Mayanti Langer

The Asia Cup 2022 could already rank among the very best tournaments that the world has ever seen; such has been the quality and the entertainment factor of the games. India having been dumped out of the tournament by Sri Lanka and Pakistan has added another layer of intrigue to the continental cup.

Last night’s match between Afghanistan and Pakistan arguably brought the best match of the tournament so far. Pakistan eventually won the edge of the thriller and has now reached the final of the Asia Cup 2022.

One clip from the match that is getting viral on social media, however, has nothing to do with the match but India. Wasim Akram who is a commentator for the Asia Cup 2022 was visibly irritated by Mayanti Langer, the famous sports anchor from India, discussing Rohit Sharma in a Pakistan vs Afghanistan match.

The former Pakistan bowler was irked by the fact that India’s problems were discussed ahead of the Pakistan vs Afghanistan match. As soon as he heard the question, he gently passed the query to fellow commentator Sanjay Manrekar, who is from India. He even suggested that Rohit Sharma might have been ‘sick’ seeing himself discussed all the time on TV.

Langer, who was hosting the pre-match show, asked Wasim, “They lost a lot of wickets, so you are not (reaching the death overs) with wickets in hand. Are you gonna continue with this to the World Cup?”

Seeing that it was an India-related question, Akram gently passed the opportunity to Manjreker saying, “Sanjay, this is all yours. Take it away.”

Mayanti, however, insisted, saying, “No Wasim, I wanna hear what you wanna say”, to which Akram replied, “Rohit Sharma is probably sick watching himself on TV. Two other teams are playing. I discussed India yesterday all day long. Today is Pakistan vs Afghanistan. That’s why I am saying, Sanjay all yours.”

Here’s the video:

The panel laughed it out at the end but it was certainly an awkward moment caught right by the camera. Notably, India has been kicked out of the Asia Cup 2022 by Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Both of these teams have reached the final and would play for Asia Cup supremacy on September 11th.

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