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IPL 2024

‘RCB fans sa panga nahi babumasai’- Fans react as West Bengal Government upgrades Sourav Ganguly’s security to Z category

Sourav Ganguly is currently with the Delhi Capitals in IPL 2023.

Sourav Ganguly

In a big development, the West Bengal government has come to a decision to upgrade Sourav Ganguly’s security. It will be upgraded from Y to Z category, an official said. The move to give Ganguly Z category security was taken on Tuesday. This happened after the tenure of his Y category security lapsed. Armed with Z category, he will now have 8 to 10 police personnel by his side.

“As the security cover of the VVIP expired, a review was done as per the protocol and it was decided to raise Ganguly’s security cordon to Z category,” He added.

This comes as a huge upgrade from the category Y security cover. Under category Y, he used to have three policemen, who were present from the special branch in his cordon. This was also supplemented with three law enforcers who were taking care of his residence at Behela.

Sourav Ganguly is Delhi Capitals advisor in Indian Premier League 2023

The representatives of the state secretariat reached Ganguly’s where a meeting was held with Kolkata police officers who hailed from the local police station and also from Kolkata Police headquarters Lalbazar.\

“Ganguly is currently travelling with his team Delhi Daredevils and will return to Kolkata on May 21. He will start getting Z category security from that very day,” The official said.

When it comes to category Z plus security, West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee, Governor CV Ananda Bose and Abhishek Banerjee the Trinamool Congress MP get this. It looks like a very rare privilege has been extended to Ganguly. The former BCCI president is currently with the Delhi Capitals side as their advisor in the Indian Premier League. The David Warner lead side have had a very underwhelming season in IPL 2023 so far.

DC are placed 10th in the IPL points table. In the 12 games that they have played so far, DC have won four and lost eight. They have eight points at present with still two games left to be played in IPL 2023.

Let us take a look at the reactions on Twitter:

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