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Kenya D10

Kenya D10 League: 3 Reasons why this tournament will be worth watching

The first match of the Kenya D10 is between Nairobi Lions and Costa Dolphins on August 13th.

Kenya D10
Kenya (Source: Twitter)

Kenya D10 is an upcoming 10-over cricket tournament that aims to future popularise the game in Kenya. Starting on the 13th of August, the tournament hopes to provide an opportunity for players as well as create an entertaining spectacle for sports enthusiasts. has been confirmed as the title sponsor of the upcoming Kenya D10 tournament. The matches for this exciting tournament will be live streamed on FanCode.

In this article, we will look at the three reasons why one should watch the Kenya D10 tournament.

1. New Players

Afghanistan was not even on the face of the cricketing world before 2000 but quickly rose to gain Test status. It also brought us players like Rashid Khan who was chosen as the T20 Player of the decade by the Governing council for international cricket.

The Kenya D10 has the ability to bring similar players to the forefront which is why one should tune in to the upcoming tournament.

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