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VIVO Pro Kabaddi League

Five strong reasons to increase salaries of the Players in Pro Kabaddi League

The league has grown by leaps and bounds since its first season in 2014.

Pro Kabaddi League

The Indian sports industry has grown rapidly over the years as many sporting leagues have sprung up in the country. Among the numerous leagues that are going on in the country, the Pro Kabaddi league has turned out to be one of the most entertaining and followed tournaments in India. Started in the year 2014, PKL was an instant hit among the Indian audience which straight away connected with the local sport.

The ninth season of the action-packed league is all set to begin on October 7. Despite the increasing popularity of the league, the salary cap of the players hasn’t increased much. Let’s take a look at the five reasons to increase salaries of the Players in Pro Kabaddi League

  1. Number of Matches

The teams in the PKL play around 22 group matches before they advance to the next round which is a huge number as compared to other leagues. The salaries of the players don’t do justice to their efforts and performances. The biggest factor that doesn’t allow the players to be sold for big sums is a low increase of just Rs 1 lakh per bid during the auction. In the Indian T20 League, there’s an increase of Rs 5 lakh per bid for a player. This is a major reason why the PKL players don’t go for humongous amounts.

2. Big Sponsors:

The current sponsor of the PKL is Vivo and the owners of the franchises are also well-established. Therefore, there shouldn’t be much of a problem to increase the salary caps of the players and management. Considering the increasing popularity and big brands involved in the league, the increase in the salary cap should be the priority.

3. Motivation Factor:

If the players are paid as per their potential, they will further look to improve their game and give their all to the respective franchises. Sometimes, too much money can even backfire as it increases the pressure on players to perform well. But it’s up to the individual’s ability on how he approaches such a situation.

If the pay package increases, players will even look to stay in shape during the off-season. It will result in longer careers which will further lead to better marketability and improved performances as well.

4. Duration of the League:

An average season of the PKL runs for about three months due to a large number of games and 12 teams being involved. The players need to endure a lot during the course of these three months ranging from injury to mental exhaustion. All this should be taken into account as well to make a strong case for the increase in pay. During the first few seasons, the number of matches was less due to less number of teams but the situation has turned dramatically since then.

5. Massive Fan base:

The popularity of the league has been increasing rapidly with millions watching the league every season. The increasing viewership is generating huge sums of money every year. Thus, increasing the salaries of the players shouldn’t be much of a deal for the players. The auction also needs some improvement as an increase in the base price and the bid amount will work wonders for the athletes.

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