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Five Sportspersons whose troubled married life came out in the open

These five sporting stars had troublesome married lives.

David Beckham

Marriage is one of the most exciting phases of a person’s life. People eagerly wait for the day when they take vows with their special someone to start a new life together. However, marriage is not always a bed of roses, it has its highs and lows as well. Sporting stars live a lavish life where every detail about them goes to the public.

Any major update on their professional and personal lives becomes front-page news. There have been many instances when the personal lives of our favourite sporting heroes came out in the open. Here’s looking at the five sportspersons whose troubled married life came out in public:

Brett Lee

Brett Lee

Brett Lee (Image source- Twitter)

Brett Lee was one of the fastest bowlers in international cricket. He troubled many great batters with his speedy bouncers and impeccable yorkers. As someone who had a very successful cricketing career, Lee didn’t enjoy the happy moments in his personal life.

In 2006, he married Elizabeth Kemp and had a son with her. Two years later, the pair announced their split and officially separated ways in 2009. The reason behind their divorce was Lee’s inability to spend time with the family as he was busy with his off-season commitments. However, there were rumours that Lee and Kemp separated as Lee found out about another affair Kemp had with a Rugby player in Brisbane. In 2014, the speedster started a new chapter in his life as he married Lana Anderson and the couple now have two children.

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