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Five Sportspersons who played more than one sport

Yuzvendra Chahal, AB De Villiers, Michael Jordan

Sportspersons are one of the most talented people on this planet. They work hard all their life to master a particular sport to become the undisputed champion in their arena. But there are some sportspersons who’re so immensely talented that they try their hand in more than one game. There have been several notable names from various sports who ended up playing more than one sport professionally. Let’s take a look at some of these sporting marvels:

  1. Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan (Source: Twitter)

Michael Jordan is regarded as the greatest player ever to grace the basketball court. Jordan is a six-time NBA champion and ten-time NBA top scorer. In 1993, the legendary player announced his retirement from basketball and fulfilled his father’s dream of seeing him as a Major League Baseball Star, he signed for the Chicago White Sox.

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