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FIFA World Cup Schedule 2022

The football fever is going to take over the entire world as FIFA World Cup 2022 kicks off on 20th November. The football extravaganza will have 32 teams fighting amongst each other for the biggest crown in the football world. The tournament is set to take place in Qatar, the first time in an Arab country, from 20th November to 18th December.

The 32 teams will be divided into eight groups of four teams each and the top two teams will qualify from each group for the pre-quarterfinals. The tournament will shift to knockout stages after the end of the group stage. France are the defending champions of the mega event having clinched the title in 2018 by defeating Croatia in the final. Argentina and Brazil are being hailed as the favourites to lift the trophy at the end of the tournament.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule

Group StageSunday, November 20Qatar vs Ecuador9:30 PMAl Bayt Stadium2-0 (Ecuador won)
Group StageMonday, November 21England vs Iran6:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium6-2 (England won)
Group StageMonday, November 21Senegal vs Netherlands9:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium1-0 (Netherlands won)
Group StageTuesday, November 22USA vs Wales12:30 AMAl Rayyan Stadium1-1 (Draw)
Group StageTuesday, November 22Argentina vs Saudi Arabia3:30 PMLusail Stadium2-1 (Saudi Arabia won)
Group StageTuesday, November 22Denmark vs Tunisia6:30 PMEducation City Stadium0-0 (Draw)
Group StageTuesday, November 22Mexico vs Poland9:30 PMStadium 9740-0 (Draw)
Group StageWednesday, November 23France vs Australia12:30 AMAl Janoub Stadium4-1 (France won)
Group StageWednesday, November 23Morocco vs Croatia3:30 PMAl Bayt Stadium0-0 (Draw)
Group StageWednesday, November 23Germany vs Japan6:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium2-1 (Japan won)
Group StageWednesday, November 23Spain vs Costa Rica9:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium7-0 (Spain won)
Group StageThursday, November 24Belgium vs Canada12:30 AMAl Rayyan Stadium1-0 (Belgium won)
Group StageThursday, November 24Switzerland vs Cameroon3:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium1-0 (Switzerland won)
Group StageThursday, November 24Uruguay vs South Korea6:30 PMEducation City Stadium0-0 (Draw)
Group StageThursday, November 24Portugal vs Ghana9:30 PMStadium 9743-2 (Portugal won)
Group StageFriday, November 25Brazil vs Serbia12:30 AMLusail Stadium2-0 (Brazil won)
Group StageFriday, November 25Wales vs Iran3:30 PMAl Rayyan Stadium2-0 (Wales won)
Group StageFriday, November 25Qatar vs Senegal6:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium3-1 (Senegal won)
Group StageFriday, November 25Netherlands vs Ecuador9:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium1-1 (Draw)
Group StageSaturday, November 26England vs USA12:30 AMAl Bayt Stadium0-0 (Draw)
Group StageSaturday, November 26Tunisia vs Australia3:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium1-0 (Australia won)
Group StageSaturday, November 26Poland vs Saudi Arabia6:30 PMEducation City Stadium2-0 (Poland won)
Group StageSaturday, November 26France vs Denmark9:30 PMStadium 9742-1 (France won)
Group StageSunday, November 27Argentina vs Mexico12:30 AMLusail Stadium2-0 (Argentina won)
Group StageSunday, November 27Japan vs Costa Rica3:30 PMAl Rayyan Stadium 1-0 (Costa Rica won)
Group StageSunday, November 27Belgium vs Morocco6:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium2-0 (Morocco won)
Group StageSunday, November 27Croatia vs Canada9:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium4-1 (Croatia won)
Group StageMonday, November 28Spain vs Germany12:30 AMAl Bayt Stadium1-1 (Draw)
Group StageMonday, November 28Cameroon vs Serbia3:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium3-3 (Draw)
Group StageMonday, November 28South Korea vs Ghana6:30 PMEducation City Stadium3-2 (Ghana won)
Group StageMonday, November 28Brazil vs Switzerland9:30 PMStadium 9741-0 (Brazil won)
Group StageTuesday, November 29Portugal vs Uruguay12:30 AMLusail Stadium2-0 (Portugal won)
Group StageTuesday, November 29Ecuador vs Senegal8:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium2-1 (Senegal won)
Group StageTuesday, November 29Netherlands vs Qatar8:30 PMAl Bayt Stadium2-0 (Netherlands won)
Group StageWednesday, November 30Iran vs USA12:30 AMAl Thumama Stadium1-0 (USA won)
Group StageWednesday, November 30Wales vs England12:30 AMAl Rayyan Stadium3-0 (England won)
Group StageWednesday, November 30Tunisia vs France8:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium1-0 (Tunisia won)
Group StageWednesday, November 30Australia vs Denmark8:30 PMEducation City Stadium1-0 (Australia won)
Group StageThursday, December 1Poland vs Argentina12:30 AMStadium 9742-0 (Argentina won)
Group StageThursday, December 1Saudi Arabia vs Mexico12:30 AMLusail Stadium2-1 (Mexico won)
Group StageThursday, December 1Canada vs Morocco8:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium2-1 (Morocco won)
Group StageThursday, December 1Croatia vs Belgium8:30 PMAl Rayyan Stadium0-0 (Draw)
Group StageFriday, December 2Costa Rica vs Germany12:30 AMAl Bayt Stadium4-2 (Germany won)
Group StageFriday, December 2Japan vs Spain12:30 AMKhalifa International Stadium2-1 (Japan won)
Group StageFriday, December 2Ghana vs Uruguay8:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium2-0 (Uruguay won)
Group StageFriday, December 2South Korea vs Portugal8:30 PMEducation City Stadium2-1 (South Korea won)
Group StageSaturday, December 3Cameroon vs Brazil12:30 AMLusail Stadium1-0 (Cameroon won)
Group StageSaturday, December 3Serbia vs Switzerland12:30 AMStadium 9743-2 (Switzerland won)
Round of 16Saturday, December 3Netherlands vs United States8:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium3-1 (Netherlands won)
Round of 16Sunday, December 4Argentina vs Australia12:30 AMAl Rayyan Stadium2-1 (Argentina won)
Round of 16Sunday, December 4France vs Poland8:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium 3-1 (France won)
Round of 16Monday, December 5England vs Senegal12:30 AMAl Bayt Stadium 3-0 (England won)
Round of 16Monday, December 5Japan vs Croatia8:30 PMAl Janoub Stadium1-1 (Full Time)
3-1 (Croatia won in Penalties)
Round of 16Tuesday, December 6Brazil vs South Korea12:30 AMStadium 9744-1 (Brazil won)
Round of 16Tuesday, December 6Morocco vs Spain8:30 PMEducation City Stadium0-0 (Full Time)
3-0 (Morocco won in Penalties)
Round of 16Wednesday, December 7Portugal vs Switzerland12:30 AMLusail Stadium6-1 (Portugal won)
Quarter-finalsFriday, December 9Croatia vs Brazil8:30 PMEducation City Stadium1-1 (Full Time)
4-2 (Croatia won in Penalties)
Quarter-finalsSaturday, 10 December 2022Netherlands vs Argentina12:30 AMLusail Stadium2-2 (Full Time)
4-3 (Argentina won in Penalties)
Quarter-finalsSaturday, 10 December 2022Morocco vs Portugal8:30 PMAl Thumama Stadium1-0 (Morocco won)
Quarter-finalsSunday, 11 December 2022England vs France12:30 AMAl Bayt Stadium2-1 (France won)
Semi-finalsWednesday, December 14Argentina vs Croatia12:30 AMAl Bayt Stadium3-0 (Argentina won)
Semi-finalsThursday, December 15France vs Morocco12:30 AMLusail Stadium2-0 (France won)
Third place play-offSaturday, December 17Croatia vs Morocco8:30 PMKhalifa International Stadium2-1 (Croatia won)
FinalSunday, December 18Argentina vs France8:30 PMLusail Stadium


*Last Updated on 18th December 2022 after the match between Croatia vs Morocco

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