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FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022: Ecuador stares a possible exit after covering up Byron Castillo’s forged documents

Claims reveal Byron Castillo’s forged documents and Ecuador’s massive cover-up

Byron Castillo
Byron Castillo (Source: Twitter)

Ecuador is in trouble ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022 to be held in Qatar. This comes on the back of fake documents submitted by Byron Castillo and the player opined on the same. It has been revealed that the Ecuador star was actually born in Colombia.

The player has submitted falsified birth details and documents which might force FIFA to kick Ecuador out of the World Cup. Claims emerged accusing the player and Ecuador Federation of coming up with cover-ups. The Mail, a reputed news publication, has come up with an audio recording between Castillo and the Investigative Commission of the Ecuador Football Federation. In that recording, the player admits that he was born in 1995. The player further revealed that his original name was Bayron Javier Castillo Segura.

Bayron Javier Castillo Segura is the name that his Colombian birth certificate has and this further adds to the fact that the player is actually a Colombian. With Ecuador staring at a possible exclusion from the Qatar event, things might get worse for Byron Castillo and the team. The player also reveals his journey to Ecuador and opens up about his childhood as well.

“I crossed the border because, you know, teams from Tumaco play in San Lorenzo. I went to do some trials in San Lorenzo, I remember that very well,” Castillo said in the audio. He added that he never got picked for any of the trials and opened up to his friend as well.

“I never got picked for any of the teams at those trials, but my friend who was picked never turned up so I went instead,” he said in the audio.

What does the future hold for Ecuador?

Ecuador might bow out of the World Cup and end up facing a lot of backlash for the cover-ups. FIFA might follow up with the complaints and award two 3-0s to Chile for their complaints raised in June. As a result of this, the Chilean team might end up making up to the fourth and steal Ecuador’s place. Byron Castillo will have a lot to answer and possibly go through a tough time.

  • Byron Castillo from Ecuador
  • Byron Castillo
  • Byron Castillo from Ecuador
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