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‘Fast, Faster, Bolt’- Twitter comes together to celebrate the 36th birthday of Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is one of the greatest athletes of all time

Usain Bolt

Every once in a while, there comes an athlete who changes the whole perception of the sport and forces viewers to rethink. Mohammad Ali was such for Boxing, Don Bradman for cricket, Lionel Messi for football, Michael Jordan for Basketball and Usain Bolt for sprinting.

The Jamaican Sprinter is widely considered the greatest of all time when it comes to 100m sprints. Bolt dominated the sport that is considered the king of all events in World athletic events.

Running 100 meters under 10 seconds was earlier thought to be physically and psychologically impossible for a human being. It was thought to be such a challenge that scientists came up with the term “10-second barrier” and claimed it was humanly impossible to achieve this feat.
Carl Lewis was the first sprinter to achieve this feat but it was Usain Bolt who made a mockery of something that was considered once humanly impossible. The 36 years old did not just shatter the 100m sprint record but broke the 10-second barrier 49 times.
Today, the greatest sprinter of all time, Usain Bolt celebrates his 36th birthday.

Bolt has multiple records to his name, the biggest of which is sprinting 100m in just 9.58 seconds at the Berlin World Athletics Championships. He went on to break the barriers on 48 more occasions throughout his career.

His medal cabinet would probably be spilling out with medals such has been Bolt’s dominance in the sport. Additionally, Bolt has been the only 30 fastest sprint record holder to never be banned for drugs. In the top 30, he holds nine records.

His dominance brought a hoard of medals for the Jamaican including eight Gold medals at the Olympics and 11 at the World Championship.
Twitter was understandably amazed and happy for Usain Bolt to celebrate his 36th birthday. Let’s look at the best reactions to Usain Bolt’s birthday.


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